Get to Know Sourdough: Gut-Healthy, Plant-Based and Delicious

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Ever since 2020, sourdough has been having a major moment. As many home bakers discovered while stuck at home, maintaining a sourdough starter and baking is a fun (if involved) project with some very real health benefits. Now that most of us don’t have time to mess with sourdough starters anymore, it’s worth seeking out artisan-crafted sourdough loaves, like Tribeca Oven’s Sourdough Loaf.

One of sourdough bread’s best-known characteristics is its unique, tangy flavor. That flavor is a result of fermentation, and the lactic and acetic acids that are produced as a result of that process. (For more on the science behind sourdough, check out this article from our head baker, Aileen Semenetz). While other types of breads use commercial or packaged yeast for leavening, sourdough is made from a starter — a simple combination of flour, water and naturally occurring yeasts and bacteria.

Because baked goods with a sourdough starter require a longer, slower fermentation, they are easier to digest. This is what makes sourdough bread so gut-healthy! Not only is there plenty of digestion-helping fiber in sourdough bread, but the fermentation unlocks more vitamins and minerals from the wheat flour. The lactic and acetic acids mentioned above also act as prebiotics and probiotics, which help to aid digestion. In short, sourdough helps make your gut happy, which is an important key to overall health and wellness. 

Tribeca Oven’s sourdough breads are also plant-based, 100% vegan and made with sustainably sourced wheat. Our artisan baking methods mean that beautiful, tasty loaves are always within reach for those eating less or no animal products.  

If you’re looking for a bit of inspiration about what to make with Tribeca Oven sourdough breads, we’ve got three creative,   approachable recipes to try:

Kimchi Toast
                                                                             KIMCHI TOAST

Double down on the gut-boosting properties of sourdough by adding in another fermented product: kimchi! This spicy Korean condiment can be made a lot of ways; The traditional version is often made with Napa cabbage (and sometimes carrots and cucumbers), garlic and a spicy chili pepper, gochugaru.  This easy recipe uses kimchi to punch up avocado toast on Tribeca Oven Sourdough, with a sprinkle of cilantro and scallion for color and sesame seeds for crunch.

                                                          Chicken and Provolone Sandwich

This delightful sandwich is reminiscent of something you’d order at a cute coffee shop or cafe. Juicy grilled chicken, sharp provolone, tomato and onion are layered between thick slices of Tribeca Oven Sourdough Loaf, swiped with a creamy pesto aioli. It’s a great way to make the most of leftover chicken from dinner the night before!

Grilled Cheese Sticks
                             Three-Cheese Grilled Cheese Sticks with Spicy Dipping Sauce

One of things that makes sourdough ideal for sandwiches is that it’s both sturdy and tender, and it can hold up even if it’s piled with ingredients. That’s why it’s your best bet for these gooey grilled cheese sticks, loaded with pepper jack, Gouda and cheddar. The spicy arrabbiata dipping sauce is the perfect condiment and adds some great heat to the dish! 

Ready to stock your bread box with delicious, gut-healthy sourdough? You can find Tribeca Oven products at grocery stores across the country! Use Tribeca Oven’s Product Locator to find our sourdough breads near you! For more recipe ideas and inspiration, visit the Tribeca Oven website, follow us on Facebook and Instagram and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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