Frequently Asked Questions

Our commitment is always to the customer and providing an authentic experience. We start with a small batch approach that allows us to have tremendous control over the handling, preparation, and baking of the bread. While technology helps us control the finer points over the baking process, we remain focused on providing a pure and authentic products.

It’s simple: time and patience.  The longer you spend on the preparation, fermenting, and rising of the dough, the better the bread will taste and the longer it will last in the freezer and on the table.

It takes time, and a generous portion of patience, to achieve our signature flavor and quality. We do not use any dough conditioners to speed up the process, which compromises depth of flavor and texture. Instead, we closely monitor factors such as temperature, rest times between baking steps, and making sure we allow sufficient time for starters to ferment. It may not be done quickly, but our bread is done right.

Tribeca Oven bread is carried by distributors, retailers, and independent grocery stores across the country. We understand, however, that different retailers & distributors have various product selections. If you cannot find our bread, please reach out to us here and we will reach back out to you with additional details. Please include your city and state!

Take leftover or extra bread, wrap it up, and freeze until you are ready to eat! Take the bread out of the freezer, thaw and toast or grill to refresh.

Thank you for visiting. Please contact us if you have additional questions.