3 Stellar Sandwich Builds for Summer

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Summer, with its busy social calendar and colorful seasonal produce, is the time for simple, fresh meals. One of the best options for a quick, convenient bite is a sandwich! Portable and endlessly customizable, there is truly a sandwich for every occasion, and in this season of outdoor activities and dining al fresco, you’ll have plenty of occasions to enjoy them. 

To really shine, every component of a sandwich should be high-quality, starting with the bread. Here at Tribeca Oven, bread is our passion and sandwiches are our love language. From classic PB&Js to triple-decker clubs to the gooiest grilled cheeses, we are experts in the art/science of sandwich making.

For us, it all starts with artisan loaves, carefully crafted by our team of dedicated bakers using choice ingredients, including sustainably sourced wheat. Our breads have a delicious, tender texture, but they are sturdy enough to stand up to all of your favorite sandwich ingredients. 

If you’re looking for a few new sandwiches for a simple summer meal, here are three to try: 

Deviled Egg Salad Sandwich

Deviled eggs may have been a big social media trend last year, but in our opinion, they never went out of style! They are the quintessential summer snack: bold in flavor, high in protein, and best served chilled.

Our Deviled Egg Sandwich takes all of the flavors of this nosh and layers them into a sandwich on a Tribeca Oven Ciabatta Bistro Roll (find them near you using our handy Product Locator!). You don’t even need to actually devil the eggs; instead, we’ve got a clever technique that side-steps a lot of the labor of this party snack with equally delicious results. It comes together in a flash and packs up nicely for lunch on the go.

Perfect for: Picnics, pool dates, outdoor concerts

 Get the recipe here.

Fun fact: This jazzed-up ham-and-cheese sandwich originated in Key West, Florida, where cafes would make it as a lunch option for workers who immigrated from Cuba!

It’s hard to argue with the umami richness of ham, cheese, mustard and pickles, all pressed together into a glorious melty panini. This version is a bit lightened up (there is no roasted pork) and easy to pull together from ingredients that are likely already in your cheese drawer and pantry. The right bread for the job here is Tribeca Oven Classic Stirato Sandwich Rolls; thanks to its thinner crust and a light, tender texture, it presses beautifully into a panini. 

Dish it up at: Casual at-home happy hours or dinner parties

Get the recipe here.

Recipe Classic Stirato Cuban Sandwich
Recipe Rustic Club Hero - White Bean Hummus and Kale Chip Roll

This vibrant vegan sandwich is loaded with plant-powered goodness! A scratch-made white bean hummus will be your new go-to spread — it’s mild enough, so even picky eaters will give it a try. In this veggie-packed build, homemade kale chips add a dose of greens with a tasty toasted flavor, and sliced radishes lend a cooling crunch. Everything is neatly layered in Tribeca Oven Rustic Club Heroes, a delicious, versatile roll that’s just right for this kind of sandwich. 

Pack up for: Day-long hikes, beach trips, bike rides

Get the recipe here.

If you’re a fellow sandwich-lover, you know how crucial bread is to the success of your creations. You can find Tribeca Oven products at markets and other retailers across the country. Use our Product Locator to find Tribeca Oven breads near you! For more recipe ideas and inspiration, check out the Tribeca Oven website, subscribe to our YouTube channel and follow us on Facebook and Instagram

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