3 Nourishing Sandwich Builds for a Clean Start to the New Year

214501 Classic Stirato - Curried Chickpea Salad Sandwich

Every January, at the start of the new year, there is the chance to reflect and reevaluate your personal habits, priorities and choices. Sure, you can create resolutions or set goals anytime, but there’s something about a new calendar year that gives us extra motivation! A common New Year’s resolution is to evolve one’s diet, and for many of us, this may mean cutting back on animal products. 

At Tribeca Oven, we are proud to make a wide range of wholesome, handcrafted artisan breads, informed by Old World traditions, as well as modern innovation. The majority of our products are Certified Vegan and are made with sustainably farmed wheat. Our breads also contain no preservatives, no artificial colors or flavors, and they are free from bioengineered ingredients, so they’re good for you and your family, and for the planet! 

If you’re looking for inspiration to embark on a new diet or meal plan, we’ve got three nourishing and absolutely delicious sandwich builds for you to try. Each recipe is packed with plants and protein to keep you fueled throughout your day.

This curried chickpea salad is the lunch upgrade you need! Seasoned chickpeas are cooked in an air fryer, then gently mashed and mixed with a flavor-forward vegan curried aioli. You might want to make extra, because you’ll want to put this condiment on everything. 

The chickpea salad, quick pickled red onions, fresh spinach and avocado are piled on Tribeca Oven Classic Stirato Rolls, which have just enough structure to hold everything in place, while still maintaining a tender texture.

Get the recipe here.

If you’re looking for ways to sneak in an extra serving of veggies, try this craveable homemade panini! Its Mediterranean-inspired flavors, like sundried tomato pesto, roasted broccoli and spicy mayo (swap in vegan mayo if you prefer) meld beautifully on a Tribeca Oven Ciabatta Loaf. The open crumb and soft texture of ciabatta makes it perfect for the panini press; it presses easily, and gets nice and crispy without disappearing into the fillings.   

Get the recipe here.

This unique sandwich brings so much color, texture and flavor to your plate! The rich earthiness of roasted sweet potatoes is expertly balanced with peppery arugula, zesty pickled onions and tangy, creamy goat cheese. If you’re avoiding dairy, a vegan cream cheese or plant-based chevre should do the trick. The nutty, slightly sweet flavor of Tribeca Oven Harvest Grain Baguette, plus a subtle crunch from the cracked wheat, flax, oats, rye and sunflower seeds, is the ideal complement to this sandwich build!  

Get the recipe here.

No matter what goals you’ve set for the year ahead, Tribeca Oven breads are an easy, versatile way to make wholesome choices at mealtime. Look for Tribeca Oven products at markets near you using our Product Locator tool, and subscribe to our YouTube channel, and follow us on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn, for more creative recipes and bread tips. 

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