3 Incredible Bread, Pasta and Wine Pairings for Spring

bread, pasta, and wine pairings from Tribeca Oven

As spring approaches, you may be looking for inspiration to refresh or revitalize your menu. Whether you’re operating a fine dining restaurant, casual café or catering business, updating your menu can be an opportunity to delight your customers. By offering diners new flavor experiences and the chance to expand their own horizons, you can create memorable moments which can help drive future sales.

One of the simplest ways to engage with your customers and deepen relationships between them and your brand is to suggest pairings. Foodie consumers love to explore the relationship between food and beverages, but often don’t know where to start. Your business can establish itself as a culinary authority by providing delicious pairing ideas on your menu!

To get you started, we tapped Maxwell Heathcott, our Director of Research & Development, to create some bread, pasta and wine pairings that are perfect for spring. Try one or all of them for beautifully balanced and sophisticated additions to your menu.

Tribeca Oven Harvest Grain Baguette + Spaghetti Carbonara + Rhône Valley Syrah

Spaghetti Carbonara is a crowd-pleasing dish that relies on pantry staples. Despite its rustic simplicity, the dish is quite rich, thanks to the plentiful bacon and egg yolks. A straightforward, sturdy loaf, like Tribeca Oven’s Harvest Grain Baguette makes a perfect pairing. French Syrah, which is known for its dark fruit, savory olive and black pepper notes, compliments the smoky pork and sharp black pepper in the dish.

Tribeca Oven French Baguette + Pasta Bolognese + Sangiovese

While Heathcott points out that this isn’t a strictly traditional bolognese sauce, it is quick and easy to prepare. Plus, it’s the ultimate comfort food for that unexpected chilly snap that always comes at some point each spring. Tribeca Oven’s French Baguette lends authenticity to the meal and is great for scooping up any savory sauce left in the bowl. Pair the bold umami of the dish with the vibrant flavors of Sangiovese, preferably one from the New World, like California or Australia. Look for cherry, raspberry, anise and mint flavors (and perhaps a hint of vanilla in oak-aged wines) to match the complexity of the Bolognese sauce.

Tribeca Oven Rustic Olive Café Classic + Pesto Genovese Pasta + Chenin Blanc

Once spring gardens begin to bloom, fresh basil is easy to come by. This pungent green leaf is the key ingredient in Pesto Genovese, a verdant sauce beloved across the world. Pair the herbaceous, piquant notes in the pesto with Tribeca Oven Rustic Olive Café Classic – the salty notes of black Kalamata olives and the tartness of blonde Mt. Pelion olives in the soft ciabatta bread echo the flavors of the sauce. For the wine pairing, choose a slightly off-dry Chenin Blanc, such as Vouvray from the Loire Valley in France. Beloved for its supple texture, aromas of honey and apple and firm acidity, Chenin will elegantly balance the pesto.

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