Bread Pairings for This Winter

Soups & Stews

Soups & Stews

As crisp air marks the seasonal transition into winter, we often turn to comfort food for cozy days and nights inside. Expectedly, soup becomes very popular during this time of year. Whether heated up from a can, picked up from the deli section of your grocery store, or made from scratch, winter signals that it’s now time to enjoy your favorite soup. If you are not currently enjoying bread alongside your favorite soup, we’re here to help.


With so many different flavors and types of bread out in the market, you might be wondering which bread pairing would best complement your favorite soup. Here are a few general rules of thumb to consider:

Bread with a tighter interior and fewer holes is better for absorbing delicious soup as well as scooping any soup inclusions such as meat or vegetables.

A thick, rustic crust might not be ideal for all meals, but this choice adds a new dimension of texture when dipped or added in soup.

Standard bread flavors such as French, Sourdough, and Ciabatta are generally safe options for soup pairing. For enhanced flavor, try a loaf with herbs or garlic before moving towards a more adventurous loaf that has a niche flavor profile, such as a rye bread.

Our Favorite Pairings

brought to you by Reed Anderson

To provide you with some inspiration, we worked with our resident culinary expert and Regional Sales Manager, Reed Anderson, to pair some of our bread offerings to traditional soups commonly enjoyed during the winter.

We recommend giving your bread slices a slight toast before enjoying with your soup. Toasting will not only enhance the flavor, but also create a sturdier slice of bread ideal for soup dipping.  As a different idea, you can also cube and toast our bread to create delicious croutons. If you are looking for additional creative ways to enjoy bread this winter, please visit the Recipes section of our website. We hope that you are able to try one of our loaves alongside your favorite soup this season!

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