Fall-Inspired Dishes

Chef Mannett

A New Twist to Elevate your Fall-Inspired Dishes 

Great bread lies at the heart of most delicious meals. With the holidays just around the corner, bread becomes an integral part of most family gatherings, without which, a celebration would not feel complete. From golden buttered rolls or flaky biscuits to corn bread or even sourdough, most people have a favorite that they’ve come to cherish (if not demand). Yet bread is not just a side dish, it’s often a main ingredient to memorable holiday creations.


One of the ways we’ve kept fall favorites innovative is by modernizing our own version of corn bread, with our Sweet Corn & Black Pepper Loaf. “Corn is a great flavor for the transition of seasons as it is common to see it on a Thanksgiving table and yet enjoying a crisp, sweet corn-on-the-cob is an integral part of summer,” said Brian Mannett, C.H. Guenther & Son Development Chef.

Our re-imagination of a traditional corn bread includes black pepper sprinkled into the dough for an extra-flavorful kick, while whole corn kernels add a hint of sweetness, creating just the right balance of flavor for you to bring to your next dish or bread basket. To help with your menu creations, we’re featuring two ways to use the Sweet Corn & Black Pepper Loaf this fall.

Kale & Corn Bread Pudding


Savory bread puddings are a great way to utilize bread for a family meal aside from the traditional bread basket or turkey stuffing. Knowing that corn bread is a classic component to stuffing, Chef Mannett worked to create a contemporary rendition for you to try - a Kale & Corn Savory Bread Pudding. This dish starts with Tribeca Oven’s Sweet Corn & Black Pepper Loaf, along with oyster mushrooms, pearl onions, and garlic. This recipe is a creative solution to generate excitement for your holiday menu.

Turkey & Brie Sandwich


When food or ingredients are left over after a meal, there is always the question of – what can I do with this and how do I keep in interesting? A simple way to enjoy great bread or turkey after the holidays has often been a sandwich. Chef Mannett used our Sweet Corn & Black Pepper Loaf to create a Turkey and Brie Sandwich. “The Sweet Corn & Black Pepper Loaf is extremely versatile as it can be used as a savory bread pudding, dressing, stuffing, and even a flavorful sandwich, “ said Chef Mannett. “There’s so much that can be done to transform a single loaf of bread into a variety of creative recipes.”

At Tribeca Oven, we recognize how great bread contributes to making meals memorable. Aside from our new Sweet Corn & Black Pepper Loaf, Tribeca Oven has other classic loaves that would make an excellent addition to your next gathering including: our Sourdough Loaf, French Petite Pull Aparts, or Assorted Dinner Rolls. If you are looking for additional culinary inspiration, please visit the Recipes section of our website. We hope you have the opportunity to enjoy one of our loaves this fall and give one of our recipes a try!

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