3 Glorious Garlic Recipes for Strong Seasonal Menu Additions

Is there any savory ingredient quite as versatile as garlic? This unassuming little bulb is such a flavor powerhouse: bold, pungent and sharp when raw; nutty, umami and earthy when powdered; and mellow, sweet and subtle when cooked. Garlic is also an inexpensive and efficient way for operators to freshen up seasonal or LTO offerings without bringing excess specialty products.

Tribeca Oven offers two delicious products featuring garlic: Café Classic Garlic Loaf and Garlic Petite Pull Aparts. The Café Classic Garlic Loaf makes amazing garlic bread, and is the perfect size for toasts and tartines. The Garlic Petite Pull Aparts are available in a convenient 10-segment format, and are a creative addition to a restaurant or cafe’s bread service. Both of these crowd-pleasing breads include plenty of roasted garlic for an authentic aroma and flavor. And, like all Tribeca Oven products, these artisan breads are made from sustainably-sourced wheat and contain no preservatives, no artificial colors or flavors, and are free from bioengineered ingredients.

Thai Nguyen, Culinary Technologist at C.H. Guenther & Son, developed three on-trend recipes for our operator community that include Tribeca Oven’s Garlic Loaf and Garlic Pull Aparts. While garlic is a foundational component in many recipes, these are dishes where garlic is elevated to become the star of the show.

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Whatever ingredients are currently inspiring your kitchen crew, Tribeca Oven breads are the perfect canvas to paint with flavors and textures. For more great recipes and bread-ucation, sign up for The Crumb Collective, our artisan bread community for operators, and follow us on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn.

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