3 Unique Burger Builds Create Summer Menu Excitement

Many fine dining restaurants and elevated casual cafes lean on the classic cheeseburger for its universal appeal because there are so many ways to approach this iconic sandwich. Remixing burgers is a great way for chefs to create menu excitement, drive innovation in the back of the house and drive profitability with Instagram-worthy burgers.


To help, we have three unique burger builds to share. Each one is artfully crafted to layer flavors as carefully as you’d find in a composed dish. Even better? All of these burgers are fresh and on-trend, informed by data that we’ve gleaned from MenuTrends Infinite from DatassentialIf you’re ready to add exciting new burgers to your restaurant’s menu, then try any or all of these recipes straight from the Tribeca Oven culinary team.

Caramelized Bourbon Onion Burger

Caramelized onions’ rich complexity makes them a common topping on gourmet burgers. Their savoriness melds perfectly, and because onions are inexpensive, this is a great way to keep food costs low. In this recipe, we take the concept and run with it, adding a few other luxe ingredients that are hot right now.

According to Datassential burger statistics, in the last four years garlic aioli is trending up 81.1%; bourbon is trending up 28.8%; and Gruyere is trending up 9.3%. Put them all together on a Tribeca Oven Artisan Potato Bun with a juicy onion ring on top, and you’ve got a crave-worthy addition to your menu.

Miso-Glazed Salmon Burger

As more diners cut back on — or cut out — red meat, offering pescatarian or flexitarian burger options is a smart call for any forward-thinking chef. Salmon is a protein with a high perceived value, is widely known for being heart-healthy and is familiar to even seafood-hesitant consumers. 

Try it in a burger setup with Asian fusion-inspired miso glaze and sesame-soy napa cabbage slaw (soy sauce, which is in the dressing for the slaw, is trending up 130.3% in the last four years for burgers!). This salmon burger is piled high on a Tribeca Oven Challah Burger Bun, which is the ideal combination of soft and sturdy.

Tofu and Pickled Root Sandwich

If there’s one trend that restaurants should be paying attention to, it’s the rapid rise of plant-based cuisine. In fact, plant-based burgers are trending up 27,717.8% in the last four years — you read that right, nearly 28 thousand percent! Now more than ever, you’ll find many processed vegan burger patties on the market, so making your own in-house version can be a great way to differentiate your restaurant from the competition.

To help you ideate with this trend, our culinary team has created a crispy tofu burger with tangy pickles and spicy vegan mayo featuring our Golden Harvest Traditional Burger Bun.

For more inventive recipes to propel your restaurant forward, check out Tribeca Oven’s complete recipe collection, where we’ve got inspirational dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

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