3 Themed Picnics for Summer

Art in the Park Picnic Idea
Art in the Park

Flowers in bloom and sunshine-filled afternoons: that’s summer! One of the best ways to soak up the season is to head out to your favorite park or patch of green with a picnic in tow. Picnics by nature are social events, as friends and family meet up and share meals after a winter cooped up indoors. 

This year, why not take your picnic game to the next level with clever, fun themes? You can easily elevate your alfresco gatherings with just a few thoughtful touches!

Here are a few fun ideas to inspire your themed picnic:

Pack up a tote bag filled with art supplies, like watercolor paints, pastels and colored pencils, along with plenty of paper and a Bluetooth speaker to play your favorite “deep focus”-style tunes. Spread out a tapestry or colorful blanket in a location in the park where there is lots to observe.

For food, choose colorful dishes that are delicious at room temperature (this is a good rule of thumb for all picnic foods). Slices of Tribeca Oven’s French Demi Baguette make the perfect foundation for topping combinations like smoked salmon, cucumber and radish; cultured butter, country ham and tomato; or goat cheese, strawberries and honey. Bring along some fresh fruit and dark chocolate for a sweet treat, and perhaps a bottle of sparkling rosé or pink lemonade to sip on as you paint and draw.

This charming trend is all about bringing sweet simplicity to everyday life. First, put on your favorite floral shirt or dress, accessorized with a wide-brimmed straw hat. If possible, pick a picnic location you can get to with a leisurely walk or bike ride. Put down a comfy plaid or floral blanket near a bed of flowers or at the edge of a sun-dappled forest. If there are wildflowers nearby, pick a bouquet and decorate your sitting area. If you’d like, bring along a handwork activity, like knitting, crocheting or embroidering.

Pack up a rustic loaf of bread, like Tribeca Oven’s Rustic French Batard, and a hunk of aged farmhouse cheese. A terrine of pork paté or slices of charcuterie make a lovely accompaniment, with homemade pickles and jam on the side. Instead of disposable plates and cups, use your favorite vintage platter and heirloom linens. Don’t forget a thermos of foraged herb tea or a bottle of natural wine.

If your local park or town square screens outdoor films, or if you live near an actual drive-in theater, this is a great opportunity to pack a fun picnic. Use slices of Tribeca Oven’s Ciabatta Rolls (now available in the frozen aisle at Walmart!) to make nostalgic-style sandwiches, like PB&J for the kids, and pesto, cheese and tomato sandwiches for the grown-ups.

Bring along plenty of snacks, like popcorn, of course, as well as potato chips, chocolate-covered pretzels, trail mix, gummy candies and fancy sodas! A few lawn chairs, blankets and bug spray will help everyone stay comfortable as the evening turns into night.

We hope you enjoy a safe, fun, adventure-filled summer! For more great culinary ideas, visit the Tribeca Oven blog, and then explore our recipe collection for creative sandwich builds and so much more. To find Tribeca Oven products near you, visit our new Product Locator, which searches stores nationwide! 

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