Which Breads are Trending in 2021 and Key Predictions for 2022

As 2022 rapidly approaches, we are investigating this year’s trends and looking into the future possibilities for in-store retail bakeries. To start, we reviewed IRI data to gain insight as to what flavors of bread customers are drawn to in the perimeter of the store. We looked at the change in average volume year-over-year (November 2020 – October 2021) in search of the largest percent increases in average volume. We’ve uncovered some trends that you might find fascinating, and are making our predictions for 2022.

The Top 5 Growing Flavors

Focaccia gained the most traction in the last year with a 49% growth in average volume while it decreased on restaurant menus by 13.9% in the last year, according to Datassential. Although not as prevalent in foodservice, focaccia is great as a table bread and can also be used to make sandwiches, flatbreads, croutons, and much more.

Flavored bread, including olive, everything bagel seasoned, and jalapeño, saw a 19% growth. Herb based bread assortments also saw a substantial increase in consumer interest, however flavored bread has a larger share of market. Breads with sweet inclusions like raisin and cranberry had 11% growth. With the growth of menu ideation on social media platforms in the past 2 years due to more customers experimenting with meals at home, more recipes can be made with sweet and savory artisan bread. Irish Soda bread, while having the most market share of the top 5 growth flavors, came in at number five with an average volume growth of 10%.

Honorable mentions include sourdough, that had a slightly smaller but noticeable uptick in growth. Savory bread, including cheese, garlic, and protein-rich options, all saw a significant increase in popularity.

Flavor Trends for 2022

After extensive analysis we are ready to make our 2022 bread flavor trend predictions. With the continued growth in popularity of flavored and savory bread, we expect to see an increase in flavor combinations with global inspiration. Also, we believe there will be an increase in the incorporation of savory flavors into sourdough bread, as sourdough has become a more standard flavor profile in the bakery section. In the spring, look for flavors that can also be positioned as breakfast alternatives to muffins and donuts to continue to be of interest, as consumers are still working from home or moving towards hybrid work environments. Finally, we believe the focaccia trend will continue, as it makes its way into sandwich carriers, rolls, and a great option for groceraunts.

We look forward to a great year in retail for 2022. Let us know your thoughts on what you expect to see in this upcoming year!

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