Creative Sandwich Builds for Your Workday Lunches

Whether you’re continuing to work from home or returning to the office, there is often the looming question – what should I have for lunch? To add some inspiration to your mid-day meal ideas, we reached out to our resident culinary expert and Regional Sales Manager, Reed Anderson. He’s put together four creative sandwich builds that are perfect for at home or on the road.

214529 Focaccia - Jersey Shore

Sandwich #1: The Jersey Shore on Focaccia

This vibrant sandwich with a hint of crunchiness pays homage to summers in Tribeca Oven’s home state of New Jersey. We suggest pairing this sandwich with apple slices and nuts for a healthy, high-protein vegan lunch. 

Tribeca Oven Focaccia (214529)   Hummus ⦁ Cucumber ⦁ Lettuce ⦁ Tomato ⦁ Sesame Sticks

Sandwich #2:The San Antonio Diet on Stirato

This Texas inspired sandwich, representing the home state of C.H. Guenther & Son, packs a kick with pickled jalapeños and pepper relish mayo.  This sandwich pairs well with classic potato chips and a CookieTree Cowboy Cookie for a South Texas inspired lunch.   

Tribeca Oven Classic Stirato (214501) ⦁ Grilled Chicken Breast ⦁ Avocado ⦁ Cheddar Cheese ⦁ Pickled Jalapenos ⦁ Smoked Bacon ⦁ Pepper Relish Mayo ⦁ On the side – CookieTree Cowboy Cookies (225141)

219270 Ciabatta - The Mangiafuoco 3.1

Sandwich #3: The Mangiafuoco on Ciabatta

This fresh, Italian sandwich pairs effortlessly with Tribeca Oven’s Ciabatta bread. Pair this sandwich with grapes or other fresh fruit for a well-balanced lunch.  

Tribeca Oven Ciabatta (219270) ⦁ Fresh Mozzarella ⦁ Fresh Tomato ⦁ Basil Pesto

Sandwich #4: The Appleman on Sourdough Pullman

Elements of savory and sweet combine seamlessly in this scrumptious sandwich served on our Sourdough Pullman. This hearty sandwich foreshadows the changing leaves and brisk fall air. Add some crunch to this lunch by pairing this sandwich with an apple and pretzel sticks.

Tribeca Oven Sourdough Pullman – Sliced (214608) ⦁ Smoked Ham ⦁ Apple Butter ⦁ Swiss Cheese ⦁ Deli Mustard

214609 Multigrain Pullman Sliced - The Manhattan 4.1

Sandwich #5:The Manhattan on Multigrain Sliced Pullman

This sophisticated sandwich is a walk in Central Park to make.  This sandwich makes a great elevated, vegetarian lunch option. Pack fruit for dessert to complete this scrumptious lunch.

Tribeca Oven Multigrain Pullman – Sliced (214609) ⦁ Brie ⦁ Roasted Red Peppers ⦁ Arugula ⦁ Honey Mustard

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