George Erasmus is Tribeca Oven’s master bread baker.  His patient and artful baking approach gives Tribeca Oven’s breads their distinctive quality, character, and superior taste.

We divide huge quantities of dough into much smaller portions.  It’s back to basics, really, and this small batch approach allows us to have tremendous control over the handling, preparation, and baking of the bread, which lets us influence its quality, appearance, and taste.

It’s simple: time and patience.  The longer you spend on the preparation, fermenting, and rising of the dough, the better the bread will taste and the longer it will last in the freezer and on the table.

Tribeca Oven uses no preservatives or additives whatsoever in our baking, and we only use the finest quality, all-natural ingredients.  So to give our breads long freezer life for our in-store baking and food service customers, and to ensure that the breads remain fresh and delicious on the tables of their customers, we use careful temperature and moisture control when preparing and resting the dough.  The more control you have over these crucial steps by allowing the starters to ferment and the doughs to rest between baking steps, the higher the quality of the finished product.

Absolutely.  Unlike other baking companies that put all of their breads on the same production line using the same equipment, which results in less customization of the product and lower quality control, Tribeca Oven gives our custom breads their own production line with production-specific equipment.  The result is hand-crafted, small batch artisan bread remaining true to our commitment to authenticity.