George Erasmus

George Erasmus, EVP of Innovation, joined Tribeca Oven in 2004. George and his team of artisan bakers have created some of the tastiest hearth baked breads available on the market today. True to the artisan craft, George ensures the bread is baked in small batches without preservatives, has no artificial colors or flavors, utilizes custom pre-ferments and relies on long resting time for the dough – all in keeping to the high quality and commitment of ‘Old World’ standards that produces the signature taste and texture.

With the wide variety of Tribeca Oven’s bread, George can always find the right bread for every occasion. An avid Cleveland Browns Fan, George likes to tailgate with grilled chicken sandwiches and burgers on our Challah Burger Bun. On a warm spring evening, George entertains on his back porch, serving bruschetta with fresh basil and tomatoes on our traditional French Baguette with his favorite wine; and, for a casual afternoon get together, George grills paninis with our Sliced Sourdough Sandwich Loaf , roasted vegetables and cheese and serves this with a tall glass of lemonade or iced tea.