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Delight your customers – and attract more – with the remarkable selection of great-tasting, quick-to-prepare frozen bakery products from C.H. Guenther & Son.

We’re a single-source solution for value-added products that help you reduce your in-store bakery and deli labor costs and boost margins. Our products make it easy to transform your location into a destination for discerning customers who expect the best.

We also simplify how you do business.

You get consolidated product selection, supplier qualification, supply chain, and financial transactions under a single banner, saving you time and money. And we can draw upon resources from multiple product platforms to collaborate with you on innovative new products that set your business apart.


A Spectrum of Quick-to-Prepare Bakery and Deli Products

To make storage and preparation simple for your in-store operation, C.H. Guenther provides a wide variety of thaw and serve, heat and serve, pre-baked and par-baked products.

Individually-wrapped, Thaw and Serve Brownies/Blondies

— Traditional Brownie
— S’mores Blondie

Thaw, Heat and Serve Stuffed Biscuits

— Sausage, Egg & Cheese

Individually-wrapped, Thaw and Serve Cookies

— A variety of flavors

Frozen pre-baked biscuits

Frozen Biscuits

— A variety of flavors and formats

Thaw and Serve English Muffins

Thaw and Serve English Muffins

— Sourdough
— Extra Crisp

Frozen par-baked artisan bread

Frozen, Par-baked Artisan Bread

— Baguettes
— Ciabattas
— Café Classics

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You may have already worked with our individual companies, and now our In-Store Bakery and Deli sales team is your single connection to them all.

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